Digital Signage Networks

Our solutions include an entery level digital signage system ideal for SMEs. For larger deployments, Ayna manages networks of digital signage players which can be integrated with USB barcode scanners to provide a multi-functional information stand to deliver targeted and relevant information to shoppers.

Integration with QR code

Digital Signage is a strong medium to seize attention within seconds and convey information and ideas instantly to target audiences. However, the effectiveness of unidirectional communication cannot satisfy advertisers any more. Brand managers are seeking more interactions with customers to increase engagement, enhance brand images, and, even better, let customers keep the information in their mobile phones with them wherever they go!

Instant Offers

Tenants can run a special promotion embedded with a QR code on digital signage networks to raise awareness of their products and drive customers to purchase them right away. By scanning the QR code on the screen, customers can reserve an item for in-store pickup and have the product ready at the checkout counter when they arrive.

Product Information

Digital signage is used to highlight main selling points of products and attract customers’ attention by dynamic, multimedia content. Listing all detailed specifications by texts is not the first choice for digital signage content planning. In addition, customers may not be able to check all details on the move. So, QR code can lead customers to the product web page with complete product and store information.

Register for Events

When customer see the promotion of an event on the screen, they can use smartphones to scan the QR code on the screen, go to the event’s web page, and register for the activity immediately.

Integration with Barcode Scanners and Platform

Digital signage in malls on within store can be integrated with bar scanner and your PUNTO or GALLERIA platform deliver relevant information to consumer.

Relevant Information

The information stand can provide customers with relevant information and helps them make purchase decisions. Shoppers can scan the barcode on each product and learn more product information, such as specification of a new smartphone, recipes or cooking tips. All information can be conveyed in a dynamic, attractive multimedia presentation.

Targeted Promotions

Retailers can utilize a barcode scanner and member database to promote right commodities based on customers’ purchasing behavior. For example, when customers check accumulated credits by scanning their member cards, the digital signage display can show up advertisements which they will be interested in. When customers scan a product for detailed information, advertisements of complementary products can also be shown on the screen to boost sales.

Timely Advertising

Timely commercials about the retail store or products in the store can be actively broadcasted on large digital displays. The screen shows responsive contents whenever a barcode is scanned. It can resume the main promotions automatically when no one uses the barcode scanner over a certain period of time.

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