Product Owner Class

This is a two-day hands-on workshop that introduces candidates to Agile Scrum Product Owner principles and practices. The course enables students to become Scrum Product Owners who are ready to undertake their roles in their teams and organization, and understand how to manage the product backlog.

Students will also know how to plan a release and a sprint, and how to monitor progress and plan.

As product owners, the students will learn several techniques to communicate with the different stakeholders, gather requirements, set priorities and actively feed the backlog.

Product owners will understand how a backlog differs from common project plans and how to use Return of Investment as a way to prioritize work.

Course Contents

  •         Software Problem: What characterize software problems, software complexity and change
  •         How Scrum Works: Scrum Framework, the different components and the interaction between these components.
  •         Who/What is the Product Owner (PO): The product owner role in the scrum framework
  •         Responsibilities of the PO: The different responsibilities of the Product Owner that ranges from communicating with the stakeholders to setting the priorities, preparing the backlog and most importantly delivering value.
  •         Agile Analysis: Just-In-time analysis
  •         Release Planning: Planning a release of different sprints, planning ahead, having one backlog for the whole organization
  •         Monitoring the Release: Monitoring project completion sprint after sprint using sprint release burn down charts.  Reacting to unexpected events, staying on track and delivering value.
  •         Interlocking Roles: Product Owner, Agile Coach, Agile Manager
  •         Writing Solid User Stories and Acceptance Criteria: A clear backlog formed of solid user stories and clear acceptance criteria is the first component in teams’ success to deliver a solid and complete output.
  •         Advanced Topics: DifferentKPIs for different management models,  how to use KPIs in Agile environment, team formation stages ect…

    Course Fee:
        USD $850(excluding VAT) Lebanon Class
        USD $1,100 other Countries Class



  •         Beirut | Lebanon
  •         Amman | Jordan
  •         Dubai | UAE
  •         Riyadh | KSA


        Beirut, Lebanon Jordan | UAE | KSA: TBD
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Duration2 days

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