ScrumMaster Class

This is a two-day hands on workshop introduces candidates to Agile Scrum principles and practices. The course concentrates on the hands-on approach of applying  the Scrum practices, using a Just In time (JIT) training model to deliver the information when needed to strengthen the ties between the learned material and its application, and increases the recall by candidates.

The course emphasizes simplicity, high-bandwidth communication and using feedback to improve the process. Candidates will form teams and dive into Simulations that introduce all the artifacts and ceremonies of Scrum, and allow the participants to role-play as a Product Owner, a Scrum Master or Team member. The presentation is conceptual in nature and emphasis the application of the Scrum and Agile principles, introduce the simulation and more advanced concepts in the Agile Engineering Practices, Using Scrum in multiple teams.


  • Course Contents
    • History Of Scrum: Roots of Scrum - Waterfall and Scrum - Agile Manifesto - Agile Benefits
    • Scrum Framework: About Scrum - Scrum Framework - Term Used - Scrum Projects - Scrum Team - Scrum Values
    • Scrum Artifacts: Key Scrum Artifacts
    • Scrum Roles: Scrum Master Role - Product Owner Role
    • Scrum Meetings: Sprint Planning - Sprint Review - Daily Stand Up Meeting - Sprint Retrospective
    • Agile Planning: Estimating Story Point size - Velocity and Capacity - Release planning
    • Acceptance Criteria and Done: Defining "Done" - Acceptance Agreements - "Done" and "Undone"
    • Heartbeat Retrospectives: Heartbeat Retrospectives
    • The Scrum Master: Scrum Master Responsibilities - Scrum Master Cases - Scrum Master as Team Coaches - Scrum Master and Team Dynamic
    • The Sprint: Setting up the Sprint - Using a Task Board - Using Burn down charts
    • The Team: Team Progression Stages, Seeking Excellence
    • Advanced Topics: Scaling Scrum - Backlog Management - Agile Engineering Practices - Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • Course Fee:
    • USD $850(excluding VAT) Lebanon Class
    • USD $1,100 other Countries Class
  • Schedule:
    • Beirut | Lebanon
    • Amman | Jordan
    • Dubai | UAE
    • Riyadhh | KSA
  • Location:
    • Beirut, Lebanon
      Ayna Corporation
      Elias Hraoui Avenue - Nohra Building - Furn El Shebbak
    • Jordan | UAE | KSA: TBD


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