Agile Scrum Masters Retreat

Cost 2800
Where Embassy Road Near Bulgarian Embassy MarTakla
When 2016-09-01 - 9 am till 10 pm
2016-09-02 - 9 am till 10 pm
2016-09-03 - 9 am till 10 pm
2016-09-04 - 9 am till 10 pm

This summer you can become an Agile Scrum Master and level 1 Scrum coach and start agile transformation in your company.


ScrumArabia is setting its Scrum Masters retreat end of August 2016.

More and more companies worldwide are adopting Agile methodologies for their project and product development process.



Because they guarantee higher success rate in project deliver on time and within budget.



By implementing an Agile framework to  Deliver highest value first and adapt to change.


The most used Agile framework worldwide is Scrum 


For more information on how Agile and Scrum can help your business watch our Introduction to Agility for Executives on slide share  click here.


Retreat Progam


Day 1:  Thursday September 1st 

Day 2:  Friday September 2nd 

Day 3:  Saturday September 3rd 

Day 4:  Sunday September 4th

Departure on Sunday or Monday depending on attendees.


Attendees will receive



Included in the package



Excluded from the package



Registration and Payment


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